Grand Mansion in Mougins!

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With its amazing location, amazing views and amazing architecture, there’s only one word that can describe this French villa: Amazing! And I haven’t even mentioned what it has to offer yet…


The property is well sized with a land area of 13,000m2. The house itself has a living area of 1,000m2, enough to fit 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, large reception areas, a gorgeous fitted kitchen and dining room with a fireplace. Then there’s the 400m2 terrace (a must-have for all French villas it seems) which allows the owners to take in the views from their hilltop mansion (yes, the house is on a hilltop… which gives it its spectacular panoramic views of the countryside). The house is situated in a gated estate in the most prestigious area of Mougins (talk about bragging rights) and as a result, it gives the residents complete privacy and peace from any snooping eyes. The exterior of the house is a great place to be, with its landscaped gardens, large swimming pool, pool house and outdoor dining areas. Other features of the house include a wine cellar, gym, cinema room, an unfinished guest quarters (perfect project for a creative person), a Caretaker’s house, a triple garage and additional parking spaces for 10 cars.


As I said before, this grand mansion is amazing, and you don’t have to search hard to see why. The person who picks up this €14 million fancy home will have picked up a truly great piece of real estate!


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Contemporary Cannes Villa

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With its gorgeous beaches, fantastic climate and that famous film festival, you’d expect Cannes, France, to have some fancy real estate, and you wouldn’t be disappointed! This stunning Villa is just one of the many lavish properties that Cannes has to offer.


The house boasts vast amounts of space, with the land area being 5,600m2 and the living area, which consists of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, being 680m2. But don’t think the space ends there. The home also has a 500m2 terrace which is perfect for taking in the amazing panoramic views of the Bay of Cannes and the Lérins Islands. Could you ask for more? Well if you did, then I should mention that the house also has a stunning infinity pool, a pool house, a massage room, a gym and, as you’d expect, a Jacuzzi… Now could you really ask for more?


The verdict? The contemporary style of the house is beautiful, which is to be expected as it has recently been renovated throughout with noble materials of very high quality, and so I deem this fancy home worthy of its 18,000,000€ price tag.


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Monterey Bliss

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It’s not hard to find fabulous real estate in Monterey, California… just have a look the Pasadera Country Club! This $4,800,000 hilltop estate is just one of the many examples of the fancy homes you can find in Monterey, CA.


This house has a lot of space, with a lot size of 30,537 sq. ft. and an interior space of 7,753 sq. ft. There are 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms in this fancy home, but there is much more on offer. With its spectacular location in the gated Pasadera Country Club, this house provides views of the mountain, golf course and some views of the valley. The views aren’t the only things that make this house appealing. The house has a wine cellar, 4 fireplaces, air conditioning (to help the owners cope with the California heat), a guest suite and a spectacular in-ground swimming pool (a much better way of coping with the California heat).


I always ramble about the views that a house has to offer, but this house is a view in itself as it sits in the hills of the Pasadera Country Club. The Spanish/Mediterranean styled house adds beauty to what would have been a bare hill. As I said before, it’s not very hard to find luxury real estate in Monterey, CA!


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Fabulous Ibiza!

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Ibiza… I don’t have to say more about this lavish coastal resort. Everything about this place screams luxury and beauty, and the real estate screams the same. This townhouse is nothing short of luxurious and with its modern interiors, it would suit a young buyer (with some deep pockets) perfectly, and he or she would need deep pockets, becausefancy homes like this don’t come cheap!


This townhouse has 950m2 of living space, with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, and some spectacular terraces which offer extraordinary panoramic views of Ibiza harbour. The house has four floors in total, with the fourth floor being a penthouse! The ground floor has a wine cellar, a single garage and if you thought the house already had a lot to offer, there is also a separate apartment with a bedroom, kitchen, lounge and bathroom. On the first floor, you will find a multimedia room, a fully equiped kitchen as well as a cooling/heating system. You also get veiws of the Cathedral de Dalt Vila. The second floor offers more views of the cathedral, as well as the port of Ibiza. The whole houe has some stunning finishes including sandstone columns and details, white marble floors and stainless steel mosaics to name a few. Then comes that penthouse… with more views of Ibiza, including the marina, the town itself, Santa Gertrudis, San Rafael and St George. It has a pool, with a stylish stainless steel waterfall system. There is no lack of excess in this townhouse!


This house deserves the Fancy Home label, and its not hard to see why, with all the minor details that have been placed around the house to attract attention, such as that fabulous bath with the bright blue LEDs surrounding it. It is hard to find a house with this much modern styling anywhere.


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A smaller and modern White House?

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You remember my post about the White House in Cape Town? Well I seem to have stumbled upon another one, although this one is a bit more modern and a lot smaller, but not too small. This modern villa has an outstanding location in Es Cubells, Spain, with views of the hills, the forest and the sea.

The house is set on 3000m2 of land, and has 250m2 of inviting interior space. There are 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in this villa, and some great terraces to take full advantage of the stunning views on offer. The house received a renovation in 2007, which included the addition of polished concrete floors throughout. The house offers an array of outdoor entertainment spaces, including that stunning swimming pool, where the owner and others can soak in the sun, or simply admire the views.

Although many may find that the house is a bit too square, it still has an appeal that not many properties have, and the views compliment that appeal. The house is on the market for €1.6 million…


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Short post: Fancy French styled villa

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This Pebble Beach house has everything you could ask for, a great location (it’s in a gated golf estate… in Pebble Beach), lots of space (it’s set on 2.98 acres and has 13,200 sq. ft. of interior space), grand architecture and some stunning amenities, including a fitness room, library, a home theatre, a wine cellar and a steam room. It has a total of 21 rooms, of which 5 are bedrooms, 6 are full bathrooms and 3 are half bathrooms. You probably expect it to cost a lot of money, and with a price tag of $9,750,000 it does. Too bad there aren’t enough pictures of this fancy home.


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Fancy a pent-Home? – What Monaco has to offer…

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I’ve always had a soft spot for the Principality of Monaco (that little country on the French Riviera), don’t ask me why though as there are many reasons… One of those reasons happens to be the architecture that can be found in that city, and you can see why by looking at the design of this fabulous penthouse.


Situated in the seventh floor of the building, this two floor Monte-Carlo penthouse has 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, two spectacular living rooms (one on each floor) with panoramic views of Monaco and the sea, as well as a large terrace with a Jacuzzi (perfect for enjoying the views). The penthouse also has a cellar, and if you’re wondering where you’re going to park your fancy car, the penthouse does have a designated parking space. The penthouse also boasts an ideal location (although every part of Monaco is ideal), located in the Moneghetti district, close to the Exotic Gardens. My only problem with its location is the fact that you do not have a view of the famous streets that make up the prestigious Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix


There is only one problem with this penthouse, the living space, as compared to some of the other houses I have featured on this blog, however despite that minor problem, this penthouse has a lot to offer, and the Monegasque lifestyle is one of those things. And for a ‘mere’ €10,500,000 I bet this penthouse won’t stay on the market for too long. It could definitely be labelled a Fancy pent-Home…


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